Sunday, December 09, 2012

How to find a Christmas Eve service in Knoxville

The holiday season is here and with it comes a renewed interest in religion. Tradition holds that there are three times of year when church attendance is expected to be the highest. Those are Christmas, Easter and Mother's Day. Travelers and locals alike will sometimes look for Christmas eve services. In fact, during this time of year, I'm often asked how to find a Christmas Eve service in Knoxville.

There are as many opportunities for worship in Knoxville as there are churches. I recently attended an impressive Advent Recital Series at Church Street United Methodist Church. Several Christmas eve services are planned here.

The City of Knoxville website lists some of the area churches who are offering worship services on Christmas Eve. A multi-page brochure is available on the site. The brochure can be downloaded for free from the above link.

Generally, the best source of information comes from friends or family. They may attend a church that offers a Christmas Eve service in Knoxville. If not, they may know of someone who is planning to attend a service.

If you are traveling to the area (or if you are new here) then finding a service may take a little extra research.

An online search for the church of your choice may be a source of information. Keep in mind that unless a church has a large congregation they may not have a website. If they do have a site, it may not be updated regularly.

Looking for community events online or in the local paper may help you find a Christmas Eve service in Knoxville. If not, then you may want to make some phone calls. Not only might this help you locate a place to worship, but it may give you someone to look for at the church. Knowing that someone is looking for you may help you feel more comfortable about attending.

Christmas Eve services in Knoxville are usually casual affairs. Some may be geared specifically to children with families where kids are expected to be noisy. Generally the later the service is, quieter it is. Candlelight services are common and communion may be served.

There are several churches in Knoxville that will be holding worship on Christmas Eve. If you can't find one that you want to attend, then please leave a comment below. I'm sure that some of my readers will be glad to help.

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