Thursday, December 20, 2012

Megabus and three Durham, North Carolina attractions

Megabus has has stops in Charlotte and in Durham, North Carolina. This makes it much more affordable to visit Washington, D.C. and other areas of the country. In addition to the famous free Wi-Fi the bus offers, electric outlets, comfortable seats and a bathroom.

Families and individuals can take advantage of this budget bus service. Middle aged women and students find Megabus to be a convenient way to travel. People who have a disability or travel with a service animal may also enjoy this type of travel.

Although my family lived outside of Durham, we drove often drove in to see the attractions. One of our favorite places was the Sarah Duke Gardens. This attraction offers beautiful gardens and a tree lined pathway. We also enjoyed student concerts and plays at the university. If you visit Durham, here are some activities that your family may enjoy:

The Bennett Place Historic Site
This is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. History buffs may find this attraction to be an interesting way to spend an afternoon. It was here that Confederate troops from four states surrendered to Union forces. This was to be the largest surrender by troops during the Civil War.

Museum of Life and Science
The wetland habitat, butterfly house and Apollo Capsule are favorites. Exhibits are indoors and outside. Coolers are not necessary since a cafe is on the grounds.

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Another tourism opportunity is Duke University near the center of town. Visitors may want to check the university schedule for student concerts or plays at University programs give the students the opportunity to hone skills. The performances are often less expensive than other venues in the area. Students perform as part of their coursework and visitors can be assured of high quality productions.

The Megabus stop is at across the street from the Durham Station Transportation Center. From here, the Durham Area Transit Authority (DATA) can whisk you away to many parts of the city. Additional information on things to see and do is available online at