Saturday, December 22, 2012

Megabus tightens luggage restrictions

Several people have emailed to ask if Megabus tightens luggage restrictions on their buses. The bus company has caught some flack lately about exceeding weight limits for buses. Reservation emails from Megabus state that riders are allowed one carry-on and one standard size suitcase.

Megabus screen shot

My recent overnight trip confirmed that the company has indeed tightened luggage restrictions. That turned out to be bad news for passengers who were caught by surprise.

Some of us had a good trip. After all, the large double-deck buses are comfortable, the wi-fi worked and I thought that the drivers were courteous. My experience was positive but those who tried to fudge on the luggage restrictions may say otherwise. 

Megabus is paying attention to the amount of luggage that riders are bringing. I witnessed ticket-holding riders who were turned away because of excess baggage. One young lady who said that she bought an extra ticket stood in the parking lot with what looked like several very large bags and carry-ons.

The driver tried to get her to understand that Megabus tightened luggage restrictions for everyone's safety. I heard him offer an extra time so she could decide what to leave. She refused and was left sobbing in the parking lot at about 3:30 a.m. There just wasn't room in the hold for all of her luggage.

Drivers were weighing luggage when my daughter headed to college after break.  Riders can take a carry-on and a standard size suitcase that weighs fifty pounds or less. Anything beyond that and riders can be refused. Megabus will weigh bags so watch your weight limit.

Greyhound restrictions on luggage is not as tight. Bolt Bus allows one suitcase and two carry-on bags. They also do not have the double deck buses that passengers seem to like.

Be smart. Check the luggage restrictions for any bus line before you leave home. Stay within the requirements by leaving anything behind that you don't need. Remember, there are stores in the city where you are visiting. It's better to buy a few things on the trip than to be left in a parking lot.

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