Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My overnight Megabus ride

My overnight Megabus ride went smoothly. This marks the first time that I have taken the overnight run in or out of out Knoxville to/from Washington, D.C. All of my preconceived notions proved to be wrong. My daughter speaks well of her overnight Megabus trips and I can now see why.

Here are a few of my misconceptions that the overnight Megabus ride cleared up.

Waiting at the Megabus deck in DC 11pm
Loud passengers
My kids were both in the high school marching band so I know how loud a bus can be. No worries here. This run didn't make the cut. Passengers were quiet and respectful. Cell phone conversations, giggles and computer volume were all low. Most leaned over on jackets and slept.

Grumpy drivers
A friend cautioned about riding any bus line overnight. She said that her experience with night time drivers had never been good. I thought the Megabus drivers on the overnight trip were were as courteous as the  daytime drivers for this company.

Personal safety
Most of the passengers were college students who were homeward bound. They talked for a few minutes but most fell asleep after the bus got on the road. People were also on board who were traveling on business and some of us were (young) middle-aged women.

No empty seats
The empty lot in the photo didn't last long. I was the third person in line at 45 minutes before departure. The place was packed by twenty minutes before departure. If you want extra space, then you had better buy a second seat. These overnight Megabus routes were at or near capacity.

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