Monday, December 24, 2012

Valentine's Day gifts for women; an open letter to my husband

The thoughts of buying Valentine's Day gifts for women leaves some men quaking in their boots. They know that they have to come up with something and they also know that it better be something that we like. Life is happier for everyone when we receive Valentine's Day gifts for women that we like.  

Husband, I am putting you on notice. The list of things that I don't want includes appliances, an oil change, vacuum or camping gear. If I have to water it, feed it or pick up after it, then it probably doesn't need to be on the list.

Travel related items are great. Put a getaway at the top of my list. It's one of those Valentine's Day gifts for women that every lady will swoon over. I am always up for a trip to look at a Jewelry Store St. Louis, MO or for a trip to Walt Disney World.

Other gift ideas can include:

A gift card for a manicure or spa day
Department store gift card (The auto parts store is not a department store.)
AAA membership
A special night out at the movie of my choice.
Dinner out to an elegant restaurant. (If the restaurant has peanuts and a free "Ladies Night" buffet, skip it).
Flowers that I'm not allergic to.
Romantic candlelight dinner (if I don't have to do the dishes.)

But, one of the most sought-after Valentine's Day gifts for women isn't complicated and fits every budget. How about a meaningful, handwritten, heartfelt note? When it comes to romance, a handwritten note never fails.

Me :-)

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