Thursday, January 31, 2013

Call state 511 for travel conditions on any road trip

Did you know that you can call 511 for travel conditions on any road trip? You will be connected with a 511 system in your state. It's an automated set-up. Any driver can access it from a cell phone. Safely pull over to the side of the road to do so. Dialing and driving can get you in an accident or legal trouble.

John Crabtree 2012
Flooding, storms accidents and traffic can make travel conditions a pain on any road trip. One call to any State 511 gets you information on weather reports, traffic conditions and other information. Most of the 511 systems can transfer you to another network. This can be helpful if you are near a state line.

I have used it on several occasions and have found it helpful. Sometimes the voice commands can be frustrating. I will often pass my cell phone to another person in the car. They can follow the 511  prompts on the keypad while I drive. Delegating to a passenger much better than risking an accident.

If you do use voice prompts on a 511 system, peak clearly and loudly into the speaker. Expect to have to repeat yourself. Be prepared to go more slowly that you would by following the prompts. However; it's worth it to get the information you need. You can't beat a state 511 system for getting travel conditions on any road trip

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