Friday, January 25, 2013

Fontana Dam sluicing video that we almost missed

This Fontana Dam sluicing video was taken from the comfort of our vehicle. It was amazing to capture such an amazing display. You can feel the vibrating ground under your feet and hear the deep roar of the water. The spray from Fontana Dam sluicing blew in our direction a couple of times. The January winter air chilled the water so that it felt like a quick icy blast. The flow is estimated to be 128,000 gallons per second.

One gate will remain open through the weekend. That's enough to lower the lake one foot per day. As you can see in the video the lake looks like it does in summer. That has to change to make room for spring rains. Depending on rainfall Fontana Dam may remain sluicing for a few more days.

We were fortunate to be able to snag this video of Fontana Dam sluicing. A TVA worker came by while we were shooting. He suggested that we hurry with the video. Two of the sluice gates were in the process of closing. We got the video of Fontana Dam sluicing and I hope you enjoy the results. Here are some photos that we took.

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