Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wilderness Road trip along U.S. Hwy 25

Our Wilderness Road trip along U.S. 25 Highway was blast. My family and I drove along part of it near Camp Wildcat in Kentucky. We also visited Wilderness Road State Park in Virginia, through LaFollette and other parts Wilderness Road.

If you are looking for an interesting road trip then Wilderness Road is one to drive. This particular set of signs tell part of the modern day story. This Wilderness Road marker, puts it on the U.S. 25 Highway through Kentucky and Tennessee. Another sign here tells you that the road trip is one of America's Scenic By-ways.

Wilderness Road directional sign
The trail was blazed by none other than Daniel Boone. Taking this road trip puts you in the steps of history. The trail began in Fort Chiswell, Virginia and was blazed by the Transylvania Company.

From there it went through the Cumberland Gap
and on up into central Kentucky. Eventually it stretched through Louisville to the Falls of the Ohio.

Part of the trail is on U.S. 11 in Virgina and connects with Highway 58. In Tennessee and Kentucky it becomes U.S. 25.Wilderness Road Museum in Virginia was an educational stop. Cumberland Gap National Park spreads over parts of all three states.

Powells Valley Cumberland Gap
Of all the points of interest, what stays with me the most is the scenery. Beauty and ruggedness are as much of the road trip as the history we followed. Cumberland Gap National Park has the variety of cave tours, Southern Appalachian crafts, hiking and all the outdoors adventure that Mother Nature provides.

Next to the park is historic Cumberland Gap. Seeing the sign carried me back through the history of the route. Blazing this trail led to the Transylvania Purchase. Almost a century later, it was used by troops on both sides of the Civil War. Today, it is one of America's Scenic By-ways and plays an important role in tourism development among the towns scattered along the road trip.

I'm a history buff and a nature fan. The auto tour of Wilderness Road let stress melt away and helped me reconnect with what's important. We'll be talking more about the sights along the way. In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy the ride.

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