Friday, February 01, 2013

Newfound Gap Road snow and ice photos

Since Newfound Gap is open from Sugarlands to the North Carolina line, Hubby and I took a drive up there. The crazy weather caused a landslide that closed the Newfound Gap road at the North Carolina line. It reopened on the Tennessee side only to ice and snow shut it down again.

Gatlinburg By-pass Winter 2013
We decided to drive to the Sugarlands Visitor Center with no expectation of driving the road. Did we ever get a surprise!

Hubby and I arrived at the center just as Newfound Gap Road reopened to the North Carolina line. The park ranger cautioned us to watch for ice and off we went on our adventure.

And what an adventure it was! These photos tell the whole story.

Road to Newfound Gap 2013
Perfect driving conditions at Sugarlands Visitor Center became a winter wonderland on Newfound Gap road.

Snow and ice spread before us like a thick white carpet. The air was crisp and cold. It was not at all like the flooding conditions that we left back home.

The difference was like flipping a switch and the results were beautiful.
Icicles on Newfound Gap Road
NC / TN State lines at Newfound Gap