Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Corbin, Kentucky road trip

My daughter and I enjoyed our visit to the peaceful little town of Corbin, Kentucky. There is just something about small towns that bring back the nostalgia and charm of American life. Corbin, Kentucky seem to model some of the characteristics that people think of when they hear the terms "America" or "United States".

Until our road trip to explore parts of Wilderness Road, I didn't realize that Corbin, Kentucky claims part of the Daniel Boone National Forest. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is in Corbin. This gorgeous park contains the famous Cumberland Falls. It is really a must-see.

Corbin, Kentucky banner
If you are lucky and the sky is clear, you may be treated to the sight of the only Moonbow in the Western hemisphere. It created by the mist of Cumberland Falls and is said to be a spectacular site. We missed it but hope to see it next time.

The park has a campground. Corbin also has several hotels. If you want to stay overnight, you have several choices. A few of the hotels are right by the interstate and a couple of others are closer to town.

You'll never guess what we saw on our US Highway 25 W road trip in Corbin. How about the Harland Sanders Museum & Cafe? If you don't recognize the name, then don't worry. A lot of people call it the Original KFC. The combination museum and restaurant was a fun place to eat lunch

We went through Corbin, Kentucky as part of our exploration of Wilderness Road. If you take I-75 exit 29 in Corbin and head south on US Highway 25 for about an hour. You will soon come into Cumberland Gap National Park. Beyond that is Wilderness Road State Park in Virginia. There aren't many hotels in the area but you can camp at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and groups can camp at the Wilderness Road State Park in Virginia.

I'll have to refer you to your favorite online hotel booking site for accommodations along the route. The towns of Corbin, Middlesboro and Harrogate have hotels. I will be writing about these towns soon. In the meantime, you should read about our visit to the Harland Sanders Museum and Cafe in Corbin, Kentucky. 

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