Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Road signs point to north, south, east and west

These road signs point to North South East and West. It looks like a road trip could go anywhere from here. I was on a road trip in Kentucky when I spotted this grouping of signs.

If you are here and want to go to a specific there,
 then the signs may not help much. You may do well to listen to the GPS and grab your smart phone to check Kayak for hotel listings. Or, maybe you shouldn't take your travels too seriously?

A road trip should be fun, exciting and help you build memories. It's a time to smile, relax and take time to smell the roses.

Maybe that's why I got such a laugh out of being able to go north, south, east and west from here? The grouping of road signs may not make every traveler smile but it tickled my funny bone.

I'm adding it to my blog in case it makes you smile too. Happy traveling. No matter where you go, I hope that your road trip makes memories that last forever.


  1. Thats unique, we have a 27 & 68 signs like this here in Rhea County too. Small World.


  2. That's cool about the signs. The world gets smaller every day. The similarities between people and locations can be impressive.