Friday, February 15, 2013

See my photos at the exhibit in Etowah, Tennessee

The Overhill Shutterbugs is hosting a photography exhibition in Etowah, Tennessee. I am excited to say that two photos of mine made the cut. Almost all of my photography centers around national parks, tourism spots and nature. Photographers may be amateur or pro and we all shoot with different equipment. The photos are outstanding. You should come see the exhibit.

You've Been Reviewed has received over 300,000 page views and I have noticed that people interact in totally different ways depending when photos are online versus on display. That's why you may enjoy seeing the photographs that are on exhibit in Etowah.

Having pieces accepted in the Overhill Shutterbugs exhibit in Etowah has placed my work under a community microscope. I've received some constructive suggestions for how to improve. The feedback is great! Several, church members are saying how the exhibit in Etowah is wowing them.

The photography exhibition runs through March. There is always something cultural and fun going on in the town. The details are always on the Facebook page of the  Etowah Arts Council or on the page for the Chamber of Commerce.

Look for the Etowah photography exhibition is on display until March 30. The Gallery is open for on  Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. It's right next to the historic Gem Theater near downtown. You can't miss the theater and you don't want to miss the photography.

I think this is one of the really great things about Etowah. What do you think?

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