Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Travel theme graduation reception

I think that we have decided upon a travel theme graduation reception for my daughter. It never occurred to me that planning a graduation party or reception could be as much fun as planning a wedding. The reception isn't until spring 2014 so we have plenty of time to plan. We would have it in a church fellowship hall.

My daughter enjoys her vacations. She has been to Alaska, across Canada, Hawaii, a bunch of the contiguous states. She will have flown to Africa by the time she graduates. A travel theme graduation party makes sense for her.

An "All American" food buffet with mini hot dogs, hamburgers and the trimmings. This would represent all the states. Other tables may have appetizers and/or decorations and travel brochures. Some tables may or may contain an appetizer or representative decoration from the state that it represents. It should be an interesting graduation reception.

Here are some of the travel ideas that could be used for the graduation reception.

  • Alaska - Brochures and small pieces of caribou or elk sausage. Locally purchased.
  • Alabama - Civil rights display.
  • Arizona - Photographs, travel souvenirs and properly purchased petrified wood.
  • Georgia - Civil War battlefield photo
  • Hawaii - Luau theme with pineapple and travel souvenirs at the reception.
  • Pennsylvania -Hershey kisses and display.
  • Washington, D.C. - Photos, map and copies of a couple historic documents.
  •  Maryland - Photos from Annapolis and items we picked up at the Naval Academy. Miniature crab cakes.
  • New York - Travel pictures that she took in Times Square and from our Niagara Falls road trip. Reception food could include miniature pizza bites.
  • Road trip vacation through New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California and southwestern states. - This travel experience demands southwestern salsas with chips.
  • Wisconsin - Cheese
  • Illinois - Brochures and souvenirs
  • Tennessee - Our graduation reception punch is Nashville tea.
  • Texas - Alamo display, Frito-Lay corn chips (originally purchased in San Antonio by the founder of Frito Lay)
Other countries where she has or will vacation.

Canada -  A display with travel brochures from the provinces that she has traveled through on our road trip across Canada plus Niagara Falls, Canada.

Africa - The graduation reception can include any souvenirs that she brings back from her travels. It can include vacation photos.

Visitors can be given maps so they an take their own "road trip" to the different states and countries. There are loads of possibilities for a travel theme graduation reception. It is an unusual idea that is uniquely her.

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