Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where to buy Girl Scout cookies in Athens, Tennessee

Looking for Girl Scout Cookies in Athens, Tennessee? Riceville Elementary School Troop # #40158 would be happy to take care of your cookie needs. Arrangements have been made at many area businesses to help you buy Girl Scout cookies in Athens.

My life as a nonprofit director ishowed me the value of supporting Girl Scouts. We worked with different teenage juvenile offenders in grades 8-12 for five years in a larger city. Each had a problems with truancy, drugs or shoplifting. Of all the kids that we worked with, only one belonged to the Girl Scouts.

That's a good reason for me to buy Girl Scout cookies in Athens, Tennessee. How about you? There are probably scouts near you who are also selling cookies.

Troop #40158 will have booths set up at the following Athens businesses. These are the places to go to buy Girl Scout Cookies in Athens. (Cookies may be available all day at these locations but may be staffed by other troops outside of the times listed.)

These are the places to go for Girl Scout Cookies in Athens:

03/02 Saturday 9-11am - Valley Farmers Co-Op
03/02 Saturday 12-4pm - The Bed Store (Verizon, Firehouse Subs)
03/03 Sunday 4-8pm - Walmart Grocery Entrance
03/08 Friday 4-8pm - Lowes
03/09 Saturday 10am-noon - Dunham Sports
03/09 Saturday 2-4pm - Lowe's Home Improvement
03/15 Friday 6-8pm - Walmart Grocery Entrance
03/16 Saturday 12-2pm - Cato's by K-Mart
03/16 Saturday 2-4pm - Walgreens by K-Mart
03/23 Saturday 9am-3pm - Walmart Grocery Entrance

This is an easy way to help the girls in our community to become better citizens. What do you think? Leave a comment to let us know.

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  1. I love Girl Scout cookies. I wish they were around year round.