Saturday, February 09, 2013

Wilderness Road Inn Kentucky historic marker

On our Wilderness Road trip in Kentucky, my daughter and I stumbled on the marker for the Wilderness Road Inn. Ever curious, we stopped by the tourist bureau in London, Kentucky to find out more. Apparently, John Freeman built the inn after receiving a Revolutionary War land grant. Solidly made, the building stood from about 1804 until only a few years ago when the structure caught fire.

We were told that John Freeman originally arrived in about 1796 (or 1797) . He apparently liked what he saw at this spot and built the hotel called the Wilderness Road Inn.

A precursor to the modern day hotel, the inn served the area between Crab Orchard and Cumberland Gap for about 60 years. It became a well known respite for the many weary travelers who were moving west.

The marker is near London, Kentucky not far from the Levi Jackson State Park. Travelers can easily stop at the marker and continue to the park. The two attractions are only a few miles apart. Early travelers to the Wilderness Road Inn might be surprised to discover that it is now a Kentucky Scenic by-way. The once untamed route is sprinkled with restaurants and hotel options. Our Kentucky trip was dotted with other stops on Wilderness Road.

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