Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zipcar comes to Knoxville, Tennessee

Zipcar comes to Knoxville is hot news. This is a car sharing company that offers an alternative to car ownership. Zipcar is popular among students and those who only need a car occasionally or want a break from Knoxville public transportation.

Mini Cooper Zipcar
Metropulse says lots are coming to the 100 block of Gay Street and on U.T. campus. This can help Megabus riders who have breaks between Knoxville based routes.

Members need to realize that Zipcar is not a rental company. Monthly car sharing membership fees support the fleet of vehicles. Cars can be used for a few hours or a half day (although full day reservations are available.) Unlike rental companies, Zipcar includes gas and insurance.

A Zipcar member that I spoke with in D.C. had high praise for the car sharing service. She like the convenience and praised ZipCar for being easy to access. Rental companies need large lots, Zipcar doesn't. This makes it possible for cars to be just steps away from the A.U. shuttle stop.

Using a ZipCar may mean less hassle.

Technology eliminates traditional rental company paperwork. After enrolling in the ride sharing program, you'll receive a Zipcard. Make an online reservation and go to the Knoxville lot where you reserved your car. Wave the card in front of the the windshield and you're off.

Knoxville memberships can be used in D.C. or elsewhere. 
Locals who want an occasional- use vehicle are sure to enjoy a membership. If you have time to kill between Megabus pick-ups or are a business traveler who wants to see more of Knoxville, then Zipcar may be for you. Either way, I hope that www.zipcar.com/knoxville is here to stay.