Saturday, March 02, 2013

Brazieros rocks it during Knoxville Restaurant Week

We visited Brazeiros Churrascaria in Knoxville not long after they opened. It has become our go-to restaurant for celebrations, events and special occasions. The service and food are consistently excellent at this Knoxville restaurant. But, the dining experience that we had during Knoxville Restaurant Week may have outshined our previous visits to Brazeiros Churrascaria.

Dining with colleagues at one of the best restaurants in Knoxville is al ways a treat. Getting free dessert as part of the promotion and knowing that $5 from each meal goes to charity, makes a good night even better.

Once you hear about our experience and learn more about Brazieros, you may want to visit. Four of us met for a business dinner at 5:00 p.m. on the final evening for Knoxville Restaurant Week. We took early reservations because we knew that the restaurant would be hopping.

I wanted a table that was comfortable and one where my walking stick would be out of the way. It was also important to have enough light to see by. Brazeiros Churrascaria was glad to accommodate us. Our table was close to the salad bar, well lighted, was perfect for our us.

Let me tell you, this Knoxville restaurant was hopping in a short time. There was no shortage of diners and there was no shortage of wait staff. Servers were as friendly and unobtrusive as always. We were there for a couple of hours easy. At no time did the service seem slow. At no time did we ever feel rushed. At no time did our tea glasses run dry.

It's service like this that makes this Knoxville restaurant our first choice for special occasions and my daughter's bridesmaids luncheon. Now, we'll add it to our list for business meetings too.

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