Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Check wedding and reception signage needs

Good signage is one area that I am glad to have not skimped on. Since my daughter's wedding and reception were in two separate places, the signs . Finding the church and the reception hall is easy when you know where you are going but out of town guests don't have that luxury. Driving the wedding route with the eyes of a newcomer easily helped us determine placement, type and how many signs were needed.

We used a mixture of homemade and custom outdoor signs. The homemade ones were upbeat and kitchy but there comes a point where you start running out of time. Turning to a pro alleviated the stress of hand crafting one more item.

Guests who were coming to the church needed signs from the interstate and pointing to the right street. The building we used was about a mile in front of you after the turn. I never thought about it being almost hidden until you get to the driveway. Driving helped us spot the problem and plan accordingly.

The reception brought up its own set of challenges. It was also difficult to spot from a distance. We also needed to mark off spaces for the parents of the bride, parents of the groom, caterer, DJ and of course, the newly wedded couple.

This is where I was most glad to have the professional looking signs at the wedding reception. My daughter's signs featured adorable owls, names and directional arrows. They worked perfectly to guide guests to the wedding and reception. The problem is that drivers could make out the arrows in a quick look but not necessarily the names.

The quick readability of the professional signs made it easier for us to keep our parking spots. We saw at least one car pull in and immediately back out. Trust me, when you are the parents of the bride you want to park as close to the wedding reception as you can.

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