Thursday, March 14, 2013

Choosing which camper project to tackle first

A friend remarked to my husband that the best we could hope for with our pop-up camper was a slight cosmetic makeover. I would like our project to be a little more comprehensive than that. A remodel may not be easy. I just keep telling Hubby that since the camper was built in the first place, then it can be remodeled. The challenge is to get him on board.

Interior of my pop-up camper
We don't know anyone who has done a camper remodel, so it's almost as if we're blazing a new trail. The photo shows that we have a lot to do. So, which project would you start with?

Camper makeover sites are few and far between. Internet searches yielded the sites that are linked from my post on camper makeover ideas. The camper curtains that we have are a dingy beige. They're functional, but they have to go.
New laminate will give the pop-up camper a clean fresh look, but is it really something that we want to tackle? One company has said to visit us for flooring in iowa. Visiting them from Tennessee is out of the question. Local availability, price and ease of installation will be the deciding factors.

This is where Hubby gets nervous. I am all about replacing the doors. Hubby isn't. We may work out a compromise where we only replace the cabinet knobs in the camper.

Camper cushions
Our cushions are faded but functional. I'm going to recover them and replace the curtains at the same time.

There is no place near the sink to hang a towel. If we keep the sink, adding hooks around it is one of the first things that we will do. However, the sink is next to the stove. Chances are pretty high that I'll chuck the whole thing and install a bench there. We'll see.

Preparing for summer
We have to get the camper ready for summer before we do any remodeling. If the weather cooperates, I'd like to get started on that tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

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