Sunday, March 03, 2013

Get your car ready for spring break now

Before you hit the road take time to get your car ready for spring break. You will reduce the chance of having a breakdown and your wallet will thank you. I've noticed that proper vehicle maintenance substantially improves my vacation gas mileage.

I am not a mechanic but even I know to change the oil and check the tire pressure. Because my knowledge is limited, I called the guys at my favorite Midas shop for suggestions on how to get my PT Cruiser ready for spring break.

The car tech suggested...

A radiator flush and fill.
Apparently gunk can accumulate in the radiator that can cause problems. A flush and fill will clean everything out and keep it working properly. The techs also check the system to spot potential problems before they start.

A/C check
The weather can get a little toasty over spring break. Checking the air conditioning and taking action (if needed) will keep car occupants cool and comfortable.

Tire tread
Okay, I forgot to mention tire tread above and was a little embarrassed when the tech mentioned it. Check the tire tread to keep you on the road for spring break (literally). Here's an article with photos that may help you gauge the tread depth. If the tires look worn, then it may be time to see a car repair tech about replacing. No one wants to spend spring break on the roadside. 

Be sure to talk with a pro before hitting the road. There may be other ways to get your car ready for spring break. These are just a few ideas to get you started.

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