Monday, March 11, 2013

Have you taken a Disney Cruise?

I've had a lot of great experiences at Walt Disney World but a Disney Cruise is still on my bucket list. Hubby and I originally had plans for an anniversary cruise in April.  However; recent medical issues have pushed our date for the Disney Cruise back a few months. It's disappointing but it also gives me more time to plan and to get the best travel deal.

We've never done this before so our travel agent suggested a three night adventure. I'm not sure which itinerary to pick. The two that we're interested in the most are...

1. Disney Cruise that leaves from Miami, goes to Nassau and then to Key West.
2. The other itinerary that departs from Cape Canaveral, heads over to Castaway Cay and travels over to Nassau.

This is our first cruise and we want to get it right. There are a ton of travel websites out there that promise the best price but don't give much in the way of customer service in return. Our anniversary Disney cruise is too important to us a click-and-pick approach so I saw our travel agent and am hoping for more input.

If you've been to any of these destinations, then I'd like to have your input. Feel free to either email me or leave a comment. We aren't sure what our travel date will be but you can be assured of one thing. I'll be blogging about our Disney Cruise throughout the entire process.

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