Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to choose luggage,bags or packs for travel

When it comes to how to choose luggage, bags or packs for travel the "one size fits all" doesn't apply. Different types of luggage are designed to meet certain needs. Choosing the best suitcase or bag for your needs depends on your vacation destination, method of travel and your vacation activities.

The type of luggage that you choose need not be expensive but it does need to be durable. My favorite three piece luggage set is an inexpensive no-name brand. It consists of a carry-on bag and two wheeled suitcases. The set is made of cloth and has been going strong for well over a decade.

If you're in the market for luggage, bags or packs for travel, then the section below will help.

Air travel
If you are flying, then your bags must conform to the TSA requirements. Wheeled suitcases and wheeled duffel bags are the easier to navigate through an airport than other varieties. Some suitcases double as a seat and are great for long lines.


Whether flying or driving, suitcases get slammed around and beaten up. Baggage handlers can be especially tough on suitcases. Any bag or pack must be sturdy enough to take the beating and still protect contents. Durability is king.

Frequent fliers should look for secure hinges, sturdy handles or straps and seams that seal. International travelers are increasingly choosing bedbug resistant luggage or encasement.

Road trippers often need easy access to contents. An outside pocket makes it easier to find diaper wipes, lotions and small items. Wheels that stick out may make it difficult to put the bag in the car. Consider size, durability and empty weight.

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