Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Kentucky Kiwanis Trail near Cumberland Falls State Park

The Kentucky Kiwanis Trail historic marker commemorates the creation of the Corbin-Cumberland Falls Road. The road was built by the Kiwanis Club of Corbin and was dedicated in 1931. This trail is what actually opened Cumberland Falls to the public for all to enjoy.

We were traveling from Paris, Kentucky on U.S. 27 when we found this historic marker about the Kiwanis Trail. The trail leads to the very special Cumberland Falls State Park.

Not only do the falls plunge six stories but during certain times of year, you can see the only moonbow in the northern hemisphere.

However; without the Kentucky Kiwanis Trail, it wouldn't have been possible. I'm glad that historic markers dot the highways and roadways across the United States. They allow me to better appreciate my travels. Here's a little more about our road trip through Corbin, Kentucky near Cumberland Falls.


  1. This looks like a trip me and Bonnie would like to take. We often get in the car and go explore new areas. Thanks for your hard work and information on thiese beautiful locations.


  2. Cumberland Falls is a very pretty place. Try to make your visit coincide with the moonbow.

    It's the only place that you can see it and I understand that it's beautiful. Your photography work is sure capture the moonbow in all its glory

    hanks for stopping by the blog. It's always good to see you. :)