Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our bathroom remodel is still going strong

Before my health set-back I had big plans for redecorating this home. We live in job provided housing and I am very fortunate that our committee has given me the freedom to make upgrades. Not everyone in this situation is so lucky.

Our first project that we tackled was to redo the bathroom. This was a very minor project. I removed the cabinet from over the commode and took the light fixture off of the wall. The formerly peach colored room was given a few fresh coats of white contractor paint.

This proved to be ideal to make the small space look larger. It's easily something that an Oakland contractor or other professional could have done. But, I wanted to try tackling the project myself and had a great time doing it.

The light fixture looked dark against the stark white wall. I took it outside, sprayed it with a couple of light coats of white spray paint and let it dry well. The light spray created a lovely effect that completely changed the fixture. It works perfectly.

My next challenge was to select a bathroom curtain. It sounds easy but was actually a fairly difficult choice. I wanted a light airy feeling but sheers just didn't feel right. Bathroom towels blocked too much light and really darkened the room.

In the end, I chose light off-white curtains with a small print. These allow light to come in without being sheer or dark. The light color does not show dirt well and doesn't overpower the small space.

We decided to leave the cabinet out of the room and install a set of shelves. I'm going to complement the space with another set of shelves that will be about a foot below the ceiling level. A set of basket or clear plastic containers will items to be stored without breaking the feeling of the bathroom.

Guess what we're going to do after the last part of the remodel is finished? Take a deserved vacation.

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