Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Newfound Gap waterfalls and icicles

Weather at Newfound Gap changes with the elevation. Early spring changes can be pronounced. There placid waterfalls became sparkling icicles as we proceeded into Newfound Gap. The heavy jacket I threw in the car was a good choice.

Driving to Newfound Gap can be challenging in the winter, and a breeze in summer. On this day, I was glad that Hubby's pick-up truck is in good condition and has good ground clearance. One one lane on the road here was open to traffic.

 The road to Newfound Gap isn't like U.S. Highway 129.  There aren't any extreme grades or super light curves to worry about. Today, all we had to worry about was the snow and our camera batteries. Most people had enough sense to stay away. I'm glad we didn't. The almost deserted overlooks meant we could soak in the scenery for as long as we could.

 My husband and I were there just as the road to Newfound Gap reopened after the winter storm. Our window of opportunity was tight. Officials closed both sides of the two lane road as the sun dipped to the horizon.

When the summer thaw comes about our lazy winter drive will be replaced by a summer road trip, boats, hikes or even a row in a kayak elsewhere. To me, winter in the  Great Smoky Mountains has a special allure that is gone all too soon. We thought that Newfound Gap sparkled with that allure that was worth the challenge of every mile. What do you think?

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