Friday, March 22, 2013

Western Sizzlin sizzles for group dining in Athens, Tennessee

The Sizzlin Steakhouse sizzled for group dining in Athens, Tennessee. Hubby and I went for a Gideon-sponsored dinner. My guess is that more than 50 people dined that night. The Sizzlin Steakhouse service was friendly, fast and the refills kept coming. It was a good evening.

The organization choose a set menu in advance. We could choose a grilled chicken breast or a 6 oz. steak. Each one came with a baked potato, dinner salad and rolls. Because it was a large crowd, the steak could only be cooked to a medium-well.

People who balk at a set menu don't understand the benefits. It's a win-win-win for everyone. Here's why.

Costs are controlled for organizations or companies that host a large party. It guarantees that no one will get a high dollar steak and combine it with the most expensive dessert on the menu.

A pre-selected menu helps the Western Sizzlin plan for food prep. That translates to meals to be prepared faster. Since they know how many to prepare, there's no concern of running out of food. Adequate staffing is arranged. Salads are made in advance and condiments can be placed on tables before guests arrive.

Guests benefit from the pre-selected menu because the servers concentrate on good customer service. Because no one has to wait for food to be prepared, the entrees can be put on the grill a little sooner. Prepared salads mean that hungry diners won't have to wait to begin eating.

Our service at the Western Sizzlin Steakhouse in Athens was spot-on. Orders were taken efficiently and the drinks arrived in short order. Plates were cleared in a timely, unobtrusive manner. Hot food was steaming when it arrived and the salads were appropriately cold.

The food quality was simple flavorful and of good quality. A medium well steak is usually a little dry but it was lean, without extra fat and flavorful. Baked potatoes were the size of two fists. The salad plate consisted of two cherry tomatoes, a few pieces of cucumber and shredded carrots on a bed of iceberg lettuce. It had limited core pieces (a pet peeve) and had just the right crunch.

Managing large parties can be difficult. Staff here sailed through with flying colors. Our dining experience has me sold on the Western Sizzilin in Athens. We had an excellent dining experience. I wish it could be this way everywhere. Look at my review about Chuy's in Knoxville about a dinner gone wrong.


  1. Wow...You have hit on my favorite place to eat. We are about 25 minutes from here. We love coming over here and eating. The beef tips is my all time favorite. The staff is very friendly.


  2. Doesn't the staff do nice job! I like that the servers back each other up so that you're tea glass rarely empties. They do a good grilled chicken breast too. :)