Monday, April 29, 2013

Budget summer vacations for college students

The two facts about college students are that they're always broke and they need a break after the semester. These budget summer vacations for college studying will have you recharging your batteries in no time. Each of the ideas is designed to be easy on the budget. Share your ideas by singing out in the comments below.

Stay with a friend
Who better to chill out with than your best friend? Watch videos, have a DIY spa party or go fishing. Laugh and relax. Spend part of the week at your house and the other part at your friend's house. The more the merrier so negotiate about inviting friends. This is one of the budget summer vacations for college students that's guaranteed to be a blast.

Pitch in for a hotel room - my favorite

Spend your day lounging by the pool, order a pizza in the evening and hit the workout room the next day. Since four or five people are sharing hotel expenses, it's a budget summer vacation that everyone can enjoy. Search online for hotel deals.

Ditch the hotel and head for the great outdoors. Camp sites only cost a few bucks at state or national parks. Choose a campsite, pitch your tent and bring your own food. Camping is one of the top travel options for college students that puts the word "budget" in low cost travel.

Do you have a destination in mind? Look to youth hostels as a hotel alternative. They are designed with college students in mind. Most offer dorm style rooms, communal kitchens and group activities such as cookouts.

As you can see, budget summer vacations for college students don't have to be boring. They just have to be cheap. These ideas are good for bringing friends and fun together. Search for more great ideas by using the box on the top left of your screen and searching "budget travel".