Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Free printable coloring pages for kids on vacation

Sail the high seas of your next rainy vacation with these free printable coloring pages. The pages fight the boredom jitters and are a parent's best friend. Print the coloring pages off at home, staple and bring them with you on vacation. Coloring books were my secret travel weapon when the kids were small. Too bad the freebie coloring sheets weren't around then!

Don't shy away from coloring pages for fear of melted crayons in the backseat. Put the crayons inside a plastic bag and store in the cooler. They'll be ready when your traveling artist is ready for the coloring pages. Colored pencils and waterproof markers are melt-free alternatives that kids can use on the getaway.

There are free printable coloring pages for almost every vacation possibility. I'm including them here because they look interesting and not because we're affiliated in any way. The links are offered with hope that they will rescue parents from bored children and have more fun on vacation. Click

More Coloring Pages
These seem to be for fairly young children. You can print a few sheets or a full coloring book of free printable coloring pages. Kids who are traveling to the beach for vacation will probably enjoy this site.

Free Coloring Pages
This site seems to fit a wider age range than the one above. There are sheets with planes and cars. Some of the free coloring pages have cute kidsy animals on them. Preschool aged kids who have a zoo stop scheduled into the vacation may enjoy the pages.

The site is a little slow to load but there are a number of free vacation themed printable sheets for younger kids. Pages seem to be a good mix for boys or girls and seemed suited for the elementary age group.

These are only three of the sites that I found that look intriguing. Do you have a favorite? Your comments and ideas are always welcome. Don't hesitate to make your voice heard. Speak out in the comments section below.

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