Monday, April 08, 2013

How to organize a festival

Festivals are a fun way to bring neighbors together or raise funds for charity. The question is how to organize a festival so that it will be rewarding for everyone involved. Organizing a small festival for a nonprofit or church requires many of the same steps that a large event requires.

I've found that when you look at how to organize a festival, the main difference is in the scale of the event and the number of volunteers that are needed. These steps will help you begin planning.

1. Recruitment
Recruit volunteers now. Churches may have a board or council in place. If not, then you will need to develop a team from scratch.

2. Structure
Deciding the structure informs the rest of your decisions. Will it be large or small, have a parade or offer a wine tasting? Where will it be? Who will do the advertising? Can hotels or other organizations help?

3. Personal needs
Remember personal needs when looking at how to organize a festival. If you hold a large event, then you may need portable toilets in Louisville Colorado or rent them from a similar local company.
Small churches and nonprofits may be able to use existing facilities in the building. Large events need EMS stations and church based festivals should at least have a good first-aid kit.

4. Insurance
 This is the most important thing to look at when deciding how to organize a festival. A church insurance policy may cover festivals that take place on the grounds. However; check your policy. Events and festivals may requre additional liability coverage or a rider.

5. Travel
Travelers need to know where to stay. Scout around to find the hotels in your area that will work with you. It's often possible to get cheap hotel rates in exchange for advertising. Expect to put the hotel name on printed materials and on your website.

5. Start small
Start small and build as you learn how to organize a festival. Get more volunteers, sponsors and hotels on board as you gain experience. The Dogwood Arts Festival is one of the finest in the south. You won't hit it   right out of the starting gate, but over time you may develop one.

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