Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Knox EarthFest features green cars at clean fuel vehicle showcase

Lots of people will be heading to Pellissippi State this weekend. Saturday, April 20, marks the return of Knox EarthFest for 2013. The family-friendly, pet-friendly event promotes green living in the Knoxville area. This year will feature a clean vehicle showcase and demonstrations and displays that are "Rooted in Sustainability". Knox Earth Fest is fun, free and a good reason to be outdoors.

Located near the front of the event, the Clean Vehicle Showcase puts green cars in the spotlight. A clean vehicle is one that uses an alternative fuel source. These green cars are easier on the environment than traditional vehicles. Knox EarthFest is an ideal place to show them off.

Cars that run on biodiesel, SUVs that run on natural gas and electric cars that plug-in are some that you might find on display. Last year, Hubby and I peeked at hybrid vehicle and a flex-fuel car that was on display. They were both impressive in their own right but looked smaller than we need.

We'll take another look at green cars at the Knoxville EarthFest event this year. I can get a better feel for the cars when they're off of the lot and take advantage of other conversations that transpire around the vehicles.

We experienced a fascinating kaleidoscope of conversations as people debated with each other about which vehicle was best for the environment and why. I particularly enjoyed an exchange between someone championing biodiesel as an alternative fuel and another who advocated for switching cars over to natural gas.

Everything from flex fuel cars to biodiesel for trucks and SUVs were debated. The only common ground they shared is that clean fuel vehicles are going to be the only vehicles in the future.

Clean fuel vehicles and are at the forefront of Knox EarthFest. Look for the green cars, trucks and SUVs, in front of the visitor building. It's worth stopping and looking at every car. I really felt like I was looking at the future.

When you come to EarthFest, don't forget to bring plastic bags and old light bulbs. They can be traded for a reusable tote and the old bulb can be exchanged for a new one. I wrote about it on Recycle plastic bags; light bulbs at EarthFest Knoxville about a previous EarthFest.

The exchange booths and education displays are set-up under the large tents. Look for them just beyond the clean fuel vehicle showcase that holds the green cars, trucks and SUVs.

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