Friday, April 05, 2013

Laura Clay marker at White Hall State Historic Site in Kentucky

The Laura Clay historic marker photographed here, commemorates her devotion to women's rights. As the daughter of Russia Ambassador Cassius M. Clay, Laura grew up with a bird's-eye view of politics in action. She watched her father found the Republican Party and saw its impact on the political arena. Later, she would be the first woman to be nominated to run for president by a major political party.

There is no doubt that Laura was impacted by her upbringing. Born in 1849, she worked throughout her life to further the cause of women's  rights. Her accomplishments included coeducation property and joint guardianship rights for women in Kentucky.

The Laura Clay historic marker at White Hall State Historic Site outlines her life of service.
Until her death in 1941, she worked tirelessly to promote the cause of women's rights. She was a leader in the National American Woman Suffrage Association and served as president of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association.

My daughter and I paused here on our road trip so that she could catch a glimpse of history. We were given information on the site, White Hall tours and historic marker when we stopped at the London, Kentucky Tourism Center.

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