Monday, April 01, 2013

Hotel amenities that travelers deserve

The list of hotel amenities that travelers want gets longer as people on the go become choosier about where they stay. Choices aren't limited to La Quinta, Holiday Inn or Motel 6 any longer. As other hotel brands expand, amenities like the number of Channels on DISH Network become less important. I talk with a lot of people and some basics seem to never go out of style. 

Here's a list of hotel amenities that travelers expect.

Clean rooms
Listen up hotel owners. If you want repeat business, keep your property clean. Not only do I hear this from travelers on vacation, but my husband and I rejected three places on our last getaway. Filth and the bed bugs (see photo) aren't cool. A clean room isn't an amenity. It's what guests expect and deserve.

Workout rooms and pools
An emphasis on healthy living encourages physical activity. Travelers want amenities that help them unwind and get some exercise. We were cooped up in tight quarters to get to our vacation. When we arrive, hotel guests want to exercise. Workout rooms and/or swimming pools still top the list of amenities that travelers want.

Overall comfort
People like creature comforts and remember where we got them (or didn't). I had a great shower at a LaQuinta several years ago. The surround design, steady firm water pressure and variable controls hit the spot. On the other hand, I had a really uncomfortable bed at another brand. Amenities like wall-mounted hairdryers, those cute little toiletries, irons, ironing boards are in hot demand.

This goes way beyond large television sets with working remotes. Working WI-FI is almost a non-negotiable amenity. Guests that I've spoken with have almost universally said that unstable wireless is worse than none.

Electrical outlets
Another of the hotel amenities that travelers want is electrical outlets and plenty of them. We're not talk about the one or two wall sockets that used to do the job. Tourists want one each for their laptop, e-reader, smart phones and other electronic devices. A short supply on these can eliminate repeat business.

In-room coffee pots
Tea, hot chocolate and coffee is appreciated by guests. I don't want to trudge to the breakfast room at 6:00 a.m. for a cup of java. Do you? I didn't think so.

The travelers that I've spoken with have universally asked about items that range from yogurt or hard boiled eggs to sausage biscuits and eggs. A doughnut or cinnamon bun doesn't cut it for breakfast anymore. 

So what about you? What hotel amenities do you want? Give us a shout-out in the comments section below.


  1. I agree with the list. These amenities should be present, definitely.

  2. Don gloves before checking for creepy crawlies and give the headboard a solid thump to dislodge any that may be lurking behind it. Guests deserve clean rooms AND the every other amenities that you mentioned.

  3. Gloves are a good idea. I can see that they would protect you from all sorts of things.

    Another thing about bed bugs is to avoid touching the sheets until you know that the bed is clear. Remembering those experiences makes me want to take a shower.