Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Top travel options for college students

Spring is the time of year when student travel groups are making summer plans. Never before have college travel options for students included such a broad expanse of opportunities. Only a few years ago, students who went to backpacking through Europe were the norm. Now, there is literally a world of options.

The mix usually breaks down into three general types of student travel.

School related trips
These are usually put together through EF Smithsonian Student Travel,  or other student travel company. This is one of the travel options for college students that typically involve course credit. Outside course work may have to be completed. Check with student services or with your favorite professor. ACIS and STA travel
also help organize group trips.

Students traveling as part of a mission team are immersed in the language and culture of the people they work with. This is one of the travel options for college students that must be arranged in advance and are usually organized by campus ministry groups or churches. Students often find mission trips to be life-changing.

Vacation getaways
Who doesn't enjoy a vacation getaway with friends? A theme-park trip to Orlando, Florida, Caribbean cruise or a trip to the beach are good travel options for students. They're flexible, easily organized and custom tailored to fit the most meager budget. American Airlines has travel packages that are priced for students but trips can be organized with the help of websites by Kayak or Orbitz.

Of course, there's always the "wing and a prayer" choice. Forget EF Tours or any other company. This one is planned by the students themselves and remains one of the most widely used travel options for college students. Participants return home  stories that rattle parents and spellbind future grandchildren.

EF Tours offers domestic and international student travel

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