Sunday, April 07, 2013

Why you need an Alaska Milepost travel book

If you are driving to or in Alaska, then  you need the Alaska Milepost travel book. I can't make it any plainer than that. Often referred to as the "Bible of North Country Travel", Milepost covers Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Alberta Northwest Territories and Alaska. If you are driving or flying to Alaska and renting an RV, you will need Milepost.

The almost 800 page book is your key to finding gas stations, restaurants and historic data on points of interest. It's an interesting read. Most importantly to me, Milepost saved my hide on the first night that we couldn't find lodging.

I thought that I did the right pre-trip homework before driving to Alaska. Maps were picked-up from AAA. We spoke with others who had driven the Alaska Highway and I had printed out reams of paper from helpful looking websites.

A friend loaned me a copy of the Milepost but it seemed redundant so I stupidly tossed it into the suitcase. (I also didn't want it to be messed up during travel.) My daughter fished it for me while I sat on the side of the road wadding up miles of useless printouts.

Sure enough, Milepost listed a campground about 40 minutes ahead. We found it easily and pulled in next to a big RV. My daughter had the book in her lap when we pulled out the next morning and didn't say a word.

If you are driving to Alaska, don't even ask if you need the book. Just order Milepost from Amazon and don't put it in your suitcase.

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