Friday, May 31, 2013

Etowah, Tennessee displays patriotism

One of the best parts about Etowah, Tennessee life is the displays of patriotism that dot the town. Memorial Day, the Old Fashioned July 4th  and flag day all mean that it's time to get the flags out. This town displays patriotism in a big fashion and wears it well.

U.S. Flag at First Volunteer Bank
My camera is down right now but that didn't stop me from getting these photos over Memorial Day weekend. They were taken on my LG Smartphone. The photos only convey a small amount of the patriotic spirit that's found in Etowah, Tennessee.

Living here is a slice of Americana Pie. Main Street gives visitors a chance to see and feel what life is like in Small Town America. Life is good here.

One of the patriotic street banners
Sitting back and relaxing by the historic L&N Depot, having a picnic in the pavilion or walking through downtown are pleasant ways to enjoy an afternoon.

Who can resist the opportunity to see the newly arrived merchandise in the antique stores or see what's up for grabs at the bargain stores?

Hubby and I enjoy walking down Main Street or having a picnic under the pavilion. Little pleasantries like that make life happier.

Florist in Etowah, Tennessee

There are sundry stores, antique and music shop to peruse. Mom and Pop stores line the streets.

You also have a good number of locally owned restaurants to choose from.

During holidays like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, July 4 and Flag Day, most of the businesses sport the American flag or displays of patriotism.
Main Street in Etowah, Tennessee

Businesses and restaurants with displays of patriotism are almost on the endangered species list. To me, the relaxed pace and America pride of Etowah, Tennessee is a slice of Americana Pie that is to be treasured.

Oh and, before you ask...

Yes, that's the reflection of my PT Cruiser in the bank door. It's been under the weather lately and spent some time at the car hospital. The car is all fixed now and ready to go. Look for an article about the repair shop to come soon.

In the meantime, why not read about my pop-up camper makeover remodel project? Etowah, Tennessee is the gateway to the Cherokee National Forest. Our travel trailer allows us to see and enjoy more of the
forest. Like my car, it too was ready for an upgrade. The above link has some details.

You may also want to read about our Etowah-to-Etowah in six hours adventure. The articles provide additional reasons to enjoy life here.

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