Monday, May 20, 2013

Have car, will travel... by bus

So, why am I taking the bus? We got my car back from the repair shop after having a crap ton of work done on it. It has never run better. I'm also cleared to drive now and have been zipping along the back country roads, enjoying switchback curves and generally have a fun. As always, my motto is "Have car, will travel".  Yet, tomorrow I'm taking Megabus to DC instead of my car and here's why.

Taking the bus means letting someone else navigate DC traffic (always good idea). Taking Megabus instead of my car saves money. Round trip tickets for the three of us were $108. The last time that I drove to DC, the gas cost was around $200.

Using Megabus, keeps some miles off of my PT Cruiser. Right now, I have about 279,000 miles. We just had the engine rebuilt, the fan, water pump, tie rod ends, motor mounts and radiator replaced. The rebuild took a month. All repairs were finished about the same time that I was cleared to drive. Great timing!

I'm a little concerned about walking on the trip and about the heat. Our plan is to be gone for only one day,  take things slowly, use the cane and rest as needed. A one day trip to DC wouldn't be possible without Megabus. Traveling by car would mean a two or three day trip.

Tomlin (our service dog) is going along for the ride. It's a first for both him and Hubby. Driving a car means being able to stop more frequently but, I'm confident that it will be fun.

Our original plan was to hitch the camper up to the truck and head for the hills. Mountain campsites were calling our name. Then we found out that some Smoky Mountain campgrounds remain closed and adjusted our plans. Camping is still in the picture but for a much shorter time period.

The road trip should be interesting. I will be recording Tomlin's experience and will post to You Tube later. I'm glad that we have our car back from the repair shop. It's also nice to be able to take the bus. My motto might need to change to "Have wanderlust, will travel."

See ya online!

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