Saturday, May 25, 2013

My pop-up camper makeover project

Here are the results of my pop-up camper makeover. The ideas are easy and can work for any travel trailer. You don't have to be an expert to make the changes (a really good thing for me). My end goal was a pop-up camper makeover that would be easier for my physical limitations and that would make my family happy.

Since the project was a pop-up camper makeover, I wanted to go slightly whimsical. The result blended my wanderlust with Hubby's passion for photography.

Mission accomplished! You can see how far we've come by watching the before video. It doesn't even look like the same camper.

In the first photo,
I changed the covers on the bench cushions from an outdated blue to a golden brown (it looks darker in the picture). The back cushion has the fun travel theme that I wanted for the pop-up camper makeover.

The bench in photo #2 was originally a cabinet with a kitchen sink and stove. Imagine falling against those! Out went the kitchen assembly and in came the bench that you see.

We only had to take out a few bolts to remove the upper cabinet and assembly. I stuffed the sink and stove into the lower remaining cabinet.  I don't expect to become tired of the camper makeover. If we do, then reinstalling the kitchen unit is a matter of bolting the pieces back in place and connecting a couple of hoses.

We designed the friction fit bench so it could double as a nightstand. One flip takes it from bench to nightstand and back again. In camper makeover and remodel fashion, the space does double duty. Add a small TV tray and the area becomes an extra work station.

A couple more touches on the camper makeover should help from a safety issue. The brass drawer pulls looked good but had a thin edge that could cut if fallen against. We replaced them with rounded porcelain knobs that are less likely to cause injury.

Next, the table had a firm edge that needed some TLC. I created a table pad by sewing a bath towel to make it thicker on the ends. The vinyl tablecloth can be cleaned with a quick wipe. Simple but effective. Just the way we like it.

Carpeting will be installed soon. I may also paint the inside. The outside can use some paint but Hubby isn't convinced that we can do it. He is going to install new LED taillights in a few days.

The camper makeover began as a few simple modifications to help me go camping. It has now taken on a life of its own. We may end up doing a full camper remodel. Stay tuned. We'll be chronically our progress here every step of the way.

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