Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tarr Chevrolet opens a new expanded facility

An iconic Jefferson City landmark is announcing the grand opening of it's new expanded facilities. Tarr Chevrolet has served the car buying community since 1952. It and has been on Broadway Boulevard since the 1970's and has just undergone a major building change.

Rep.Jeremy Faison, Scott Shafer,
State Rep Andrew Farmer
According to Scott Shafer, owner and dealer principal of Tarr Chevrolet. “It’s a totally different building that has been transformed with a focus on creating the best customer experience, holding true to our motto of ‘Treatin’ People Right’.

One of my best car buying experiences was at Tarr Chevrolet. Here's how it went down.
Minivans were just coming into vogue in 1999 and I had been looking for three months. A friend had her car worked on at Tarr Chevrolet and asked me to drive her to pick it up. The trip goes down in history as the most interesting good deed that I ever did.

Ribbon Cutting
We pulled into the lot and staring at me was the minivan of my dreams. Mesmerized, I barely noticed as my friend slipped out of my car. A gleaming Ford Windstar begged for a test drive and I had to oblige. We zipped up and down Broadway Boulevard, tried out a few hills and traveled back to Tarr Chevrolet.

That night, my husband and I plowed through dial-up internet to compare specs, research reviews, blue book value... you name it. We went back to the car lot secure in what we would pay and how much we would take for the trade-in. As much as I liked the van, we would walk if the deal wasn't right.

With almost no haggling, Tarr Chevrolet beat our expectations. The service department did some preventative work that we asked for and had it ready in a couple of days. I gleefully drove that Windstar around the country until everything simultaneously fell apart at 329,000 some-odd miles. It was my well traveled, road trip traveling, speed machine.

Tarr Chevrolet customers can now get that same great car buying experience in an expanded showroom. Not only are more new cars on display but the facility includes a technology hub and vehicle information areas. (Both of those would have been helpful several years ago!)

The expanded service area includes a new vehicle entrance and customer reception area. There is a new Customer Lounge, and Parts counter. Each customer area of the dealership is fully renovated to create a more comfortable experience for Tarr Chevrolet customers.

The grand re-opening on Friday, May 10, 2013 was complete with a ribbon cutting, hot dogs and apple pie. Tennessee State Representatives Andrew Farmer and Jeremy Faison were expected to attend along with other local dignitaries.  A “Day of Recognition” certificate was signed by Governor Bill Haslam and presented to Tarr Chevrolet by a representative from the Governor's office.

As part of the celebration, anyone who test drives a vehicle will walk away with a free apple pie. Anyone who purchases a vehicle gets two season passes to Dollywood. Plus, if my experience holds true, you'll be treated right.

Summer vacation is just around the corner and that means road trip season. Where would you travel in your new car? Gatlinburg? California? Let me know in the comments section below.

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