Saturday, June 01, 2013

My PT Cruiser is on the road in time for vacation

My PT Cruiser is back in action and I am even cleared to drive it. Okay, it be fair, we have been on the road for just over two weeks now. We just wanted to be sure that we both stayed in working order before making the big announcement. I have been surprised by the number of emails from friends who don't separate me from my PT Cruiser.

PT Cruiser surgery at the car hospital.
The idea of my car as a mechanical mascot has been floated around. Why not? It makes as much sense as a giant foam head. Plus, it's a lot cooler for road trips. Another suggestion is to make the PT Cruiser a part of my non-existent blog logo. Only the pesky copyright issue stands in the way.

Athens Cylinder Head and Engine rebuilding is the car hospital that took care of my car. What a job they did!
They replaced the guts (engine), leg tendons (tie rod ends) and fixed the sags with new engine mounts. A new water pump, timing belt, radiator, oil change, filters, belts and hoses and my PT Cruiser is good as new. A car wash was the cherry on the ice cream sundae.

Did someone say Road Trip!?! We are ready to hit the pavement. The open road is calling my name. Driving is a lot more fun than flying and the menacing TSA guards are someone else's problem.

Our first road trip is to the big town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Next, we're heading off to North Carolina to try out the pop-up camper modifications and remodel.

After that the destination is anyone's guess?  My new motto should be "have PT Cruiser will roll". Oh wait, that's already my motto. I just need a few more vacation road trips to get used to the open road idea all over again.

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