Monday, June 17, 2013

Why I use PhotoScape free photo editing software

Good photo editing software is essential to all photographers. I'm not necessarily talking about super high powered programs that can remove old boyfriends.  (Although, why not?) But I'm talking about run of the mill photo editing like when you need to brighten or remove blemishes. My preferred program is PhotoScape. It's free and it's easy to use.

I have used Picasa, Picnik and tried to learn about PhotoShop Elements. Picnik essentially bit the dust and has somehow been rolled into Google+. PhotoShop Elements has so much raw power that my impatient mind can't get around it. After beating my head against the wall with several photo editing programs, PhotoScape has become my program of choice. Here's why.

Deer before PhotoScape
The deer photo was taken in Cades Cove National Park. I walked around the tree and there she was! The image quality is passable but needed a few touches with photo editing software.

My goal was to crop the photo and highlight the face of the deer. I also wanted it to stand out more against the background. Here is the comparison.The first photo is the 'before' and the second is 'after'.

Deer after PhotoScape
With PhotoScape I turned the background around the deer into a black and white. The photo was sharpened to bring out the details.

Then, I alternated going over the deer with the tools to tweak the color. In PhotoScape, the coat was alternately deepened and then darkened.

Finally, I used the brighten tool to highlight it's face. Brightening was especially important around the eye. I wanted to convey that she was looking right at me. The mission seems to be accomplished to me. What do you think?

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