Monday, July 29, 2013

Cheese straws by Salem Baking set my mouth on fire

Salem Baking Company has a long list of products that sound tempting. I was shopping at The Market in Maryville, Tennessee just before lunch time. They have an entire section of products by Salem Baking Company.

A box of aged sharp cheddar petite cheese straws caught my eye. The box was $3.99 and tax. It's a little higher than I normally go but I decided why not? I picked up the cheese straws, paid for everything  and headed to the car where Hubby and Daughter were waiting.

We broke into the 2.5 ounce box of cheese straws. Then we broke into the drinks that we had with us. The cheese straws had a good flavor until it was overpowered by slow burning heat. Talk about an unwelcome surprise!

I read the ingredient list a little closer. There was an ingredient that I overlooked before decided to buy the cheese straws. Guess what that ingredient might be? If you said habanero chili powder, then you have it right. Wow. The cheese straws should be renamed to cheese firecrackers!

If you like hot spicy foods, then these might be for you. They weren't for me.

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