Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Lays Market in Knoxville closes its doors

First, Three Rivers Cornmeal was relegated to the obituary section and now Knoxville has lost another locally owned business. Lay's Market has called it quits after more than 100 years in business. I have memories of going there with my grandmother and mother. They would come out with the tastiest steaks and bologna that you've ever sunk your teeth into.

As a kid, I thought that Lay's was one of the best places to shop in town. It was local, people knew each other and the checkout lady was always nice.

My husband's job transferred us out of Knoxville in 2008. Even though we don't live there anymore we still buy local and dine local when we can.

Supporting the local economy isn't too difficult. Head over to Market Square for speciality gift shops, olive oils and vinegar. Pick up fruits and veggies from the farmers market or select locally grown ones at the supermarket. Grab at bite to eat at Buddy's, Puleo's, Naples, Braziero's or the Orangery. Select your used books and CDs from McKay's or dash over to the Disc Exchange on Chapman Highway for more CDs.

Want to grab a cup of joe? Instead of Panera or Starbucks, try one of Knoxville coffee shops that have free WI-FI.

It's not always practical for us to buy local. I've been known to dash into Starbucks for a passion fruit tea. But, when I try to choose local businesses when possible. Buying from mom-and-pop shops is the best way to prevent another local Knoxville business from closing its doors.

Click Knoxville on the bubble cloud to the right. Many of the links that come up are local businesses. We'll be adding more write-ups soon.

Local shops should not be an endangered species. Buy local while you can. Don't wait for another one locally owned store to disappear.

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