Friday, July 05, 2013

My new Fujifilm FinePix S8200 is one impressive digital camera

I am now shooting with a new Fujifilm S8200 superzoom camera and it's going great. The camera was a birthday gift from my husband. We picked it up yesterday. So far I have used it indoors and out, in sunshine, and a rainy day.

The result? The Fujifilm S8200 is one cool camera. It's got a powerful 40x optical zoom. The image stabilization lets you get decent shots when the telephoto zoom is fully extended and hand held. For great shots, a tripod is needed.

 It's lightweight and relatively small. Make no mistake. The S8200 isn't a point and shoot. You can do that but there is much more to the camera. This type of camera is being referred to by some as a 'bridge camera'. This means that it has full automatic settings and some of the settings that an SLR uses. 

For me, it combines the best of both worlds. I have a lightweight camera that lets me get the distance shots that I want. It provides me with manual controls that help me take better pictures. It's responsive enough that I grab the Fujifilm S8200 and be snapping away in about one second - including the time it takes to remove the lens cap. 

My previous Fujifilm superzoom sold me on the brand. This link has photos that I took with the older camera. It 'only' had an 18x zoom and served me well until I dropped it into the lake . The newer Fujifilm blows the old one away.

We picked mine up at Best Buy for $299. They advertised it online for less and dropped the price when asked to do so. This price on the  Fujifilm FinePix S8200 16 MP Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Black) was a few dollars less. However; I didn't check the other online retailer first and picking it up at Best Buy had the benefit of instant gratification.

It's an amazing digital camera. The file sizes are overloading the crappy signal that my cell modem is getting. I'll get the shots from the S8200 posted as soon as possible. Otherwise, the link above will give you an idea and the tech specs on the Fujifilm. It's definitely coming along on my next vacation.

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