Monday, July 08, 2013

Whitestone Inn: a perfect getaway

Whitestone Inn is among the most beautiful places where I have ever stayed. My husband's church shocked us for Pastor Appreciation Month by giving us a gift to Whitestone Inn. We used it to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in April. It could not have been more perfect.

The world was left behind when we pulled through the large red barn that marks the entrance. A stop at the schoolhouse and staff had us checked in with lightening speed. We were given chocolates as a surprise.

Our room was in the Farmhouse. Soft music played throughout the inn. We were in the Blue Heron room. A control was in our room so we could adjust the volume. The stained glass window above the door displayed an artistic rendering of the bird. The effect was charmingly peaceful.

It was hard for us to lift our heads from the cloud-soft pillows at Whitestone Inn. Tantalizing us with the promise of a scrumptious breakfast and hot coffee was what got us going, and I have to say that the meal beat our high expectations.

Breakfast at Whitestone Inn is a three course meal that is served on an enclosed patio. Hummingbirds cheerfully darted among the feeders and the quiet atmosphere allowed us to enjoy the sweet songs of other birds.

One morning we were had fruit and oatmeal, then a warm orange muffin and then, we were served a hot plate of eggs and bacon. Remember the promised coffee? Or would you rather choose from an assortment of hot tea with flavors like orange, lemon or mint? There is always milk and juices. Oh wait, I did mention the hot chocolate didn't I? Well, maybe not, but you get the picture.

Then, there was lunch...

Our picnic basket lunch from Whitestone Inn was more than we could eat. There was fruit, a grilled chicken salad with fresh greens, rolls and butter, a soda and red velvet cake. We enjoyed it at a picnic table that overlooked the grounds. The gourmet dinner was simply divine.

We hit the dock after lunch for some time in a canoe - and a unplanned swim! Even capsizing the canoe couldn't damper our enthusiasm for the Whitestone Inn. Staff was gracious enough to help us get our clothes dry (without laughing at us).

Our trip to Whitestone Inn was so enjoyable, that I'm planning a mother-daughter getaway. The inn has hiking trails and outdoor activities that they can  have fun with. Those strategically placed benches that are perfect for meditation may be good spots to laugh and enjoy being together.

We may not be able to have a mother-daughter trip for a long time.

Our first-born attends seminary in Washington, D.C. As a ministry student, getting the time to come home at Christmas will be almost impossible. Since January will see our youngest heading to vet school in the Caribbean, we need to have a small vacation now - before it's too late.

Whitestone Inn is about an hour outside of Knoxville in Kingston, Tennessee. I can't think of a better place than Whitestone Inn for us to make memories. Hopefully my daughters and I won't capsize the canoe this time, but we won't know until we try.

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