Sunday, August 25, 2013

National Heritage Areas are part of the National Park Service

Did you know that National Heritage Areas are part of the umbrella of the National Park Service? This federal agency oversees much more than parks alone. Part of what they do is partner with local organization to create National Heritage Areas for us to enjoy.

View from Skyline Drive, Virginia
These areas are places where natural, cultural, historic, and recreational resources come together to form a distinctive landscape. The places are designated by Congress to preserve these sites for the enjoyment of future generations.

Tennessee is home of the
Civil War National Heritage Area. It protects and educates about the Civil War and its impact on Tennessee and elsewhere. Information on these sites and more are on the National Park Service website.

Some sites, like the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area are among the most popular of the National Park Service. Others, like the Sangre de Cristo National Heritage Area may draw less traffic but are still important cultural, historic and recreational places.

Visiting these places can be a good vacation destination or getaway. If you like to take a drive or road trip, then these are worth looking into.

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