Friday, August 30, 2013

My ride on The Great Smoky Mountains Wheel

The Great Smoky Mountains Wheel can be seen for miles before you get into Pigeon Forge. It's presence taunts you with the promise of fun and the nostalgia of carnival Ferris Wheels. This engineering wonder takes a ride to a whole new level.

The glass enclosed cars on The Great Smoky Mountains Wheel are comfortable and climate controlled. You could almost trick yourself into thinking that you're gliding on air.

Other than the initial lift and when slowing down to stop, the ride was very smooth. The air conditioning worked perfectly on the warm summer day. Someone joked that the cool air alone was worth the price of a $13 per adult ticket. That works for me.

The wheel is part of The Island complex. They have an arcade, Mellow Mushroom and carnival games. Vendors and an inviting carousel are part of the attraction area.

Lots more will be coming. It looks like the Island will be a good asset for Pigeon Forge.

Here are a few photos of the Great Smoky Mountains Wheel. I hope you enjoy them.

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