Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Why the absence

I just received an email asking about the absence of posts. The answer isn't pretty. You probably remember that my previous post was about the anticipated Obama visit to Chattanooga. I promised articles about the day and you will get them. They are just going to be a little later than promised.

Chattanooga had a beautiful day for the Obama visit. The weather was perfect. Lots of supporters came out and only a few hecklers. I got some fabulous shots of Air Force One and met some really great people! Even the people who weren't Obama supporters were interesting to talk with. It was a good day until a bad thing happened.

Editors were waiting on my article and there was no time to waste. Hubby and I decide to leave Chattanooga (and the traffic) and head to my favorite coffee shop. The plan was to get the article submitted as quickly as possible. 

What wasn't in the plan was a fall that damaged my writing wrist, knee, shoulders, many parts in-between and my pride! I tried typing for awhile but my wrist kept swelling and hurting. We decided to go home where I would work on the article and submit from there. It would have worked if my wrist hadn't kept hurting. 

When we were almost home when I decided that my wrist needed to be looked at. We bypassed home and headed for the UT ER. This is where my doctors are so it made sense to go there. Besides, we were almost home and Knoxville is only about an hour farther.

The doc put my wrist in a heavy splint and sent me home. I had orders to take it easy for a few days and then follow-up with the doctor.

My wrist it better but writing is taking forever. This post has taken me 30 minutes to write. I pulled some short articles from my arsenal and pasted them into Bubblews. 

The Bubblews posts were intended to be a few thoughts that could be formed into articles later. Thankfully, Bubblews requests a minimum of 400 characters. Almost all of my recent posts there have fit easily. It's a relief!

But, I am still faced with a backlog of empty pages here. The article about Obama visiting Chattanooga still has to be written and submitted. I have other clients who are waiting for work to be done and I've lost a couple of requests for work.

However; I'm on the mend and will be getting to everything as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and for asking about the absence. 

See you online again soon!



  1. Love your precious heart. So sorry about your accident. Take care of yourself!

  2. Thank you. I appreciate that and hope things are well in your house.