Monday, September 09, 2013

PT Cruiser going strong at 290,000 miles and counting

Travel takes its toll on a car. My PT Cruiser just rolled past the 290,000 mile mark today. We had to put a new engine in it a couple of months ago to keep it going. As you can imagine, I am pretty tickled that the car is still going. Some vehicles wouldn't have gotten this far even with the new engine.

We are going to travel some more next week. No worries though. We're going to Pigeon Forge which is pretty close to home. The plan is to shop in Pigeon Forge and head to Gatlinburg for an attraction or two.

We'll be puttering around in my PT Cruiser like we do for every road trip. I just love this car!

Helping us afford the getaway are online coupons for the Sevierville area and Sevier County. My good friend the AAA card is coming along with me. The membership really helps me save money. You know me, I like discounts almost as much as I like heading out on a road trip in my PT Cruiser.

If my foot cooperates, we're going to take a quiet walkway. These are short easy trails that are designed for hikers who need to take it easy. Basically, the goal of a quiet walkway is to allow everyone the chance to enjoy nature. It's a nice restful respite from the hullabaloo called life.

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