Thursday, October 10, 2013

Did Megabus change the Knoxville to DC bus route

Did " Megabus change the Knoxville to D.C. run " is the question of the day. I just tried booking a ticket to get my daughter back to school and couldn't. What a surprise that was! She said that the bus ride home was packed. The website may give us a glimpse why.

Megabus in Washington, DC
Instead of being a terminus, it now looks like the local stop is part of a ride from Atlanta to Washington, D.C.

Further, it looks like the Megabus night runs out of Knoxville may be discontinued (at least for now). What could that mean for riders?

Fewer seats and higher costs seem to be what I'm looking at. Flexibility may help with both.A ticket to get my daughter back to D.C. on Thanksgiving weekend priced out at $81 plus fees for that Sunday. We were able to get her out a
 few days earlier for $49 (plus fees).

Wouldn't it be nice if Megabus has enough business for an Atlanta to DC route and an additional run from Knoxville to D.C.? It looks like more runs would help them sell more tickets - but that is just my opinion.

We're driving my daughter to D.C. this week. She's a good navigator and we always have fun together. But, I think that she would rather be on Megabus where she can surf the net and leave the navigating to someone else.

I emailed Megabus at but they've not responded yet. Let's keep our fingers crossed for good news. This post will be updated as soon as word is received. 

This article is about the ride that we took with Tomlin. Taking a service dog on Megabus was smoother than expected. 

Riders need to know that Megabus tightens luggage restrictions to make rides safer and more enjoyable for all customers. Thinking of going over the baggage limit? Think again.