Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall foliage colors may be at peak in Athens, Tennessee

Fall foliage is in full swing in East Tennessee. Down here in the valley around Athens it looks like the colors are at peak. High winds and light rain have knocked some of the leaves off off the trees but some color is still showing. If you're heading this way to see the fall foliage, it might be better to come this weekend than to wait any longer.

Fall foliage in Athens, TN 10-31-13
The forest service fall foliage hotline can help if you're traveling to other parts of Tennessee or to other parts of the country. My article about the hotline is on this page.

Driving to work has been a treat for the past couple of days. The reds and golds are brilliant. I'm glad to live in this area. There's no place like East Tennessee.

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